Ella Barnard

What if you could manifest the world of your dreams with your creativity, courage, and conversation?

We’re at a crossroads in the world. A point of transformation. You can feel it too, right?

People everywhere are feeling an urge to do, make, create something to lead the world in the direction we want it to go — a direction of peace, cooperation, and love.

There is an abundance of change energy in the universe right now. Like you could reach out and mold star energy with your bare hands and create Peace, Effective Education, or Abundance.

Change starts with a conversation.

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What are people saying?

Real words from real customers!
  • I felt astonished at how quickly Ella dug down to the core of my problems with her astute questions. She provided solutions with beautiful simplicity. Long after the call the question was still echoing in my head: Is it really that simple?
  • Now that I’ve talked with Ella, I feel a lot more relaxed. She turned the negative into a positive, and gave me a new perspective on my relationship.
  • My conversation with Ella was easy, familiar, and affirming. It is truly a blessing when two people can come together for the benefit of both. I thank the universe for preparing her for our hour of oneness