Hi, I’m Ella.

I help people transform their lives by aligning their energy with Love, and absolutely committing to their vision of what is possible.

A little about me…

Even though I’m in the prime of my life, married to the man of my dreams, building a super fun business, and basically the most blessed woman on the planet… It wasn’t always this way.


“I’ve never seen someone try so hard to be happy.”

A few years ago, I was sitting on my couch talking to my oldest friend on the phone. He said, “I’ve never seen someone try so hard to be happy.” His statement hit me like a punch in the gut. I had been reading books and doing workshops for years, but I was still just trying to be happy.

I remember chatting on the phone during the holidays that same year with my sister. She was married to a great guy and had just had her first kid. She was going on and on about how many presents were under their tree. I was, again, sitting on my couch, looking straight at my lonely Christmas tree with just one gift under it. A gift that wasn’t even for me, but one I had wrapped to give someone else.

I broke down in tears. It wasn’t just about that one lonely Christmas. It was year after year of loneliness. Of working the day after Thanksgiving because no one would miss me. It was the daily dread of going to work because my boss would make another sexist comment like, “I have a dishwasher at home. Her name is Michelle.”

It was trying so hard to let go of the painful past but somehow still creating the same unsatisfying future.


Since that lonely Christmas, my life has completely transformed. You might say I’m a master of transformation.

I transformed my romantic life so instead of being lonely at the holidays, my husband and I make a special breakfast and cuddle in our pajamas all day.

I transformed my health so instead of barely walking 100 steps a day, I now teach kickboxing twice a week and ran a half marathon last year.

I transformed my career so instead of working for a terrible boss, I get to choose who I work with AND do something I love — help people create the life of their dreams!

It didn’t happen overnight, but it was faster than you think! And it turns out there is a tried and true method for generating transformation in your life. I had been helping my friends and family for years before I did it for myself.

Have you ever wanted to…

  • Start a new career doing something you love?
  • Complete a creative project like writing a book or making a quilt?
  • Get healthy and strong and lose those last 15 pounds?
  • Add more adventure into your life?
  • Be ready to meet your dream partner?


You’re ready to use all my training, knowledge, and experience to  create the life of your dreams!

Awesome, right?!


“Now that I’ve talked with Ella, I feel a lot more relaxed. She turned the negative into the positive, and gave me a new perspective on my relationship.” – Ruth Q.

“Long after the call the question was still echoing in my head: Is it really that simple?” – Katalin P.

“If you are ready to feel more gratitude, be more empowered, and have fun doing it – working with Ella is for you.” – Chris G.

“My conversation with Ella was easy, familiar, and affirming.” – Naomi W.


I’m not your traditional coach.

My programs might be for you if…

you are a dreamer

You know something better is possible. You might not know what the future will be, but they know that it can be awesome.

you take action

You don’t just talk about doing things; you actually get your feet on the pavement and take steps.

you like a little woo woo

You aren’t always conventional. You are open to alternative ways of doing things if the end result is the fulfillment of self and their dreams.

you have integrity

When you commit to doing something, you do it. One of your primary objectives in life is to live as authentically as possible.

you support people

There is more than enough abundance, prosperity, and goodness in this world. You would rather help than compete.

you like having fun

Life is meant to feel good. You like to enjoy life and play whenever possible.

you are creative

You are an artist, a mother, a baker, or a musician. You create on and in your life. You are a beautiful creator.

To find out if we’re a good match, go ahead and sign up for a free 45 minute Clarity Session – Just click HERE.

My programs might NOT be for you if…

  • you are satisfied being a victim – You are committed to owning your power.
  • you are willing to settle – You will always keep trying new things that move you closer to your dreams.
  • you are stopped by fear – You know that doing something new is scary, but you will gather your courage and keep moving.
  • you are cynical – You acknowledge that life has challenges, but keep a positive outlook as much as possible.


Sign up for a free 45 minute Clarity Session to see how you can start creating your dream life right now – Just click HERE.

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