You are ready to shine!

I am a loving reflector, helping you focus your inner light so that you can make the changes in your life that will let you start living your truth. You have a light within in you that has been dulled and dimmed and scared into muting itself to please others. To not take up too much space. To take care of everyone else first.

I will show you how bright your light can be by guiding you to find your inner joy. Because it’s there, inside, like a furnace. I’ll help you stoke that inner fire so that it burns its brightest. Then, I’ll guide you to focus that light with practical steps and continuous support so that you define your goals and make constant progress toward them. Whether you’re seeking the next steps for your business, your soul-mate career, or your true love, I’ll help you make a plan to achieve your goals while finding joy in the journey.

You are destined for greatness. I will help you shine your light and illuminate your true path so that you become your own shining beacon.

You don’t need a bossy pants to tell you you have to make changes in your life. You’re smart and you feel deeply that your light needs to shine. You’ve read a lot and you have a lot of knowledge at your fingertips.

But knowing is not the same as doing. Maybe it’s the fear of how people in your life will react if you stop taking care of them and start taking care of yourself. Maybe it’s a secret, dark nagging that asks, “Who am I to shine?” But I’m asking you, “WHO ARE YOU NOT TO SHINE?!” Your light is a gift to yourself and to the world. And I know you know that. But I will help you embody that.

Because the discomfort of changing is nothing compared to the tragedy of not being your true, awesome, light-shining self in the world.

In my powerful, joyous, giggly, fun, all-in, 90-day coaching program, you will finally get to jump on the roller coaster you’ve been watching go by you entire life. I’ll show you how to do what seems scary but is actually thrilling. You’ll turn fear into exhilaration through practices of presence, continuous support, and, above all, fun!

We’ll start by giving you an open channel with your own intuition, that little voice who knows exactly who you want to be when you grow up. Once the two of you are chatting on a regular basis and you are open to your inner light, I’ll give you practical, manageable steps and the accountability — and love! — that you need to complete them. In our time together, you will learn new, positive ways of talking to yourself and setting goals. You will build habits of happiness that actually make you more productive. Following our three months together, you will be and act differently in the world because you will not only have new tools, you will also have the powerful feeling of joy that comes from feeling your true light shining.

See if we’re a good fit!

Coaching is a mutual commitment. That’s why I only work with people that I know I can help. To find out if I’m the right coach for you, sign up for a free 45 minute Clarity Session – Just click HERE.