Before working with Ella, I had doubts about how long my relationship would last. My partner and I have a big age difference and I thought it might be a problem. I was also concerned that I might get too busy and successful with my new business and he would feel left behind.

Now that I’ve talked with Ella, I feel a lot more relaxed. She turned the negative into a positive, and gave me a new perspective on my relationship.

I’m working on myself and my insecurities and expectations. I’m also learning to embrace who my partner is and give him the space he needs to be himself. – Ruth Q.

I felt astonished at how quickly Ella dug down to the core of my problems with her astute questions. She provided solutions with beautiful simplicity. Long after the call the question was still echoing in my head: Is it really that simple?

I instantly connected with Ella, even though making connections with strangers is one of my personal challenges.

Most certainly I would recommend working with Ella. She has a wide rane of experience, having successfully dealt with life’s challenging situations. And she is one of the most loving & empathic people I’ve ever met. – Katalin P., London

Ella is great to work with. She is easy to talk to, and resourceful. She has seen the solution to a problem, and the steps to get there, before I even see the issue. Her style is gentle and optimistic. You always feel great after talking with her.

If you are ready to feel more gratitude, be more empowered, and have fun doing it–working with Ella is for you. – Chris G., NYC

My conversation with Ella was easy, familiar, and affirming. It is truly a blessing when two people can come together for the benefit of both. I thank the universe for preparing her for our hour of oneness. – Naomi W.